It might sound too good to be true that you can save money AND the environment, but we have developed an effective, tried and tested method proving that simple guidelines and cost-effective equipment not only reduces waste but also saves money.

The equipment and resources to actively handle waste efficiently are inexpensive to install, recouping their own cost several times over in saved waste removal revenue.

The main objective of waste management equipment is to reduce volume, as waste removal vehicles usually carry around 50% air. This is a waste of manpower, diesel, money and carbon. Added to that, a waste container that costs X to have removed, often in real terms costs 7 or 8 times that when all the factors are taken into account including:

  • The cost of the manpower to fill it
  • The 40-50% of a skip’s volume which is taken up by air pockets amongst the waste
  • The cost of wasted material going into it
  • The cost of replacing those materials
  • Landfill gate charges

Using specialist equipment to break down waste into smaller volume is a quick and easy method which immediately produces massive savings on traditional methods of waste disposal.

The range of equipment available for the treatment of all types of waste is outlined in Table 2 (PDF format). Once you have invested in this equipment, it is both mobile and versatile and can be moved from site to site as required for each new project.


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