Tanzania & Mozambique: Waste management – Oil & Gas industry

Client: SBS Ltd.
Industry: Oil and Gas
Location: Mdenga, Tanzania and Mozambique
Consultant: Andy Ive

An offshore logistics company in Tanzania had been accumulating waste for several years at the Mdenga waste site and it became evident that some kind of process needed to be introduced before the situation escalated. IVE was brought in to deal with the existing waste and develop a strategy for better waste management in the future.

The challenge

Located in a small town on the southern edge of Tanzania close to the Mozambique border, the existing infrastructure was very limited and the workforce completely unused to waste management. No landfill site exists at the town, so zero waste to landfill was a necessity. Having established a recycling facility, outlets for those recycled materials had then to be found.

The solution

IVE’s tried and tested method of installing containerized treatment units was adopted. A 450kg incinerator was installed to assist the creaking old unit already in use and two containers with balers, crushers and other processing equipment were introduced.

  • Extra staff were employed to take tops and labels off PET bottles for baling
  • Almost 1000 empty drums were crushed
  • Hundreds of thousands of aluminium cans were baled up
  • Glass bottles were crushed for making concrete
  • Aerosol cans were made safe for crushing
  • Light fittings were broken in a filtered crusher
  • Oil was collected for use in the incinerator

Slops and drill cuttings/mud were also treated on this site by another consultant company. Training took place on all supply vessels and rigs, which instigated an improvement in the segregation of incoming waste.

The conclusion

Established by IVE, Mdenga is the only registered waste treatment site in Tanzania, and deals with all oil and gas company waste. The SBS plan is to extend this to Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Recyclates are now regularly sold in Dar es Salaam.

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