Libya: ISO 14001 Certification

Client : Wintershell
Consultant: Andy Ive

German energy company Wintershall has been active in exploration and production of oil in Libya since 1958 and is one of the largest producers in the area.

Andy Ive was asked to assist in attaining ISO 14001 certification at a well organised site where Wintershall operate two drilling rigs and a complete oil and gas separation system.

The contract involved two trips to the site in order for Andy to assist with the certification documentation and to undertake a thorough review of the work practices on the site.

During the process, Andy managed to get the Incinco incinerator working correctly and planned the waste management system, making recommendations for the collection system and disposal of waste.

A Fowex system for the kitchen was installed and put into working mode.

A strike and ongoing civil unrest subsequently cause the plant to be closed before the contract was finally completed.

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