Kurdistan: Waste Management

Client: TAQA
Consultant: Andy Ive

Discovered in 2011, the Atrush oil field in Kurdistan is expected to provide long-term benefits to the region producing 100, 000 bpd at peak production. The Abu Dabhi energy company, TAQA a giant of the industry, took over the site and commenced building a 3 phase separation system on platforms blasted into the hillside.

In 2013 IVE was contracted to prepare the waste management plans, to include the recycling opportunities and waste quantification tables for the construction phase for two operating rig permissions.

TAQA seeks to operate a safe, sustainable site working to the highest ethical standards and IVE’s track record in the industry made Andy an obvious choice for the project. The ongoing work, interrupted by civil unrest in the region, includes hands-on management to site temporary waste collection bins and undertake a water sampling programme.

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