We particularly love a challenge and implementing recycling and waste management systems where no infrastructure exists is our forte.

Using a mobile Materials Recycling Facility which allows immediate and complete segregation and recycling of mixed waste at source, IVE can deliver waste solutions to you anywhere in the world.

These self-powered, easy to operate containerised waste facilities have been used globally, from the most remote desert locations of the oil, gas and construction industry to temporary camps and music festivals in the UK.

The MRF provides a one-site waste solution for:

  • festivals and exhibitions
  • factories, universities, hospitals, refineries
  • outlying villages
  • developing countries

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Up to £1 million in savings is available to any establishment or village of 10,000 people handling its own waste with a mobile Materials Recycling Facility*

*findings from a financial study by independent Bio-regional engineer Nicole Lazarus, taking into account reduced transport costs, sale of recyclates and avoidance of landfill tax.