Are you ready for the worst case scenario?

Statistically, 60% of businesses disappear following a disaster, but we’re here to make sure that won’t happen to you or your community.

Being prepared for emergencies strengthens your chances of survival, so we work with you to plan for business continuity in the event that the worst happens, or help you rise above it if it already has.

Insurance companies often want to know how resilient your business is, as do customers considering working with you. Floods, fires, toxic spillage or even commercial difficulties like losing a key supplier, can be managed with our help. From practical support and advice to training staff we help you deal with emergencies or natural disasters in advance, or in the thick of it.

We specialise in the creation of plans which enable communities and companies to reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. Effective disaster management can’t necessarily avert or eliminate the threats but instead, it focuses on creating procedures to minimise the impact of disasters  across a range of scenarios, from local flooding in the UK through to earthquakes and over-stretched humanitarian refugee camps overseas.

Utilising 40 years of experience across the globe in environmental engineering, waste management, mechanical engineering, ISO certification and safety management we produce a bespoke continuity plan tailored to reduce your vulnerability and strengthen you for sustainable business in an ever more challenging climate.


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